Rusted Rhythms Vol. 27 - pheel.

pheel. walks the line between hip-hop and electronic music with uncommon grace. It’s a thin and blurry line, for sure, but the New York-bred and Denver-based producer walks it like a tightrope. More so than in past iterations of his music, pheel’s contribution to Rusted Rhythms finds him playing with and leveraging the force of sub-bass. It’s a subtle force, as these things usually are with pheel. It’s in the nuance, the detail, and even at times in the silence that this producer truly speaks. This mix consists of all original music, runs for approximately one hour, and builds ever so gradually from beginning to end. It includes multiple collaborations with noted co-conspirators Thought Process and parkbreezy, with whom pheel is constantly working on tunes. Recline, give your head some room to breathe, and enjoy this one.

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pheel. - Crash Byte. (Vip Edit)
pheel. - Skee Lee.
pheel. - Loo Lo. (Vip Edit)
pheel. - Mudda Skunk.
pheel. x Xenolinguist - Dysfunctional Tupperware.
pheel. - Activated Banana.
pheel. x Xenolinguist - Spuncheese.
Tylr. - Diddy Doo. (pheel. Edit)
pheel. - Tart Fart.
pheel. - Hermit Fella.
pheel. - 5628
pheel. - Wubble Foot.
pheel. - Banklin.
Thought Process - Buncha Skrtt. ft. pheel.
pheel. - Boom Be Boo.
pheel. - Finkle Floop.
pheel. - Noogie Victim. 
pheel. - The Edge.
pheel. x Thought Process - Smelly Belly x Fresh Prince 
MALAKAI - Isil (pheel. Remix)
pheel. - CMND-CTRL-Q
pheel. x parkbreezy - Fluoride Free Meatballz.
pheel. x parkbreezy - New Found Truths.
Fiyah - Burning Daylight (pheel. Remix)
pheel. - Totsontots.
pheel. - Webs.
pheel. - Goop Trooper.
pheel. x Though Process - What the chuck.