The Rust Music was co-founded by Wyler Sanca, Francesco Ferran, and Malakai Linden.

The blog portion of The Rust was founded by Wyler Sanca in November of 2014. It was created for the writer to be able to share his musical passions with the world and to shed light on the beautiful work being made by artists from all over. There are many creatives in all sorts of disciplines who aren't getting the recognition that they truly deserve, and The Rust was designed to give those artists the chance to be heard. 

After several years of writing articles, curating playlists, and building a network of incredible musicians, the label portion of The Rust was launched. 

The Rust Music is a Digital Record Label devoted to discovering and sharing untapped talent and pushing quality and innovation within the realm of sound.

Music has had a profound effect on each and every person involved in this project, and this community. Our goal is simply to help connect the deserving creative with their proper audience.


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