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Every day thousands of musicians and artists produce astonishing work that is, almost inevitably, overlooked. From bedroom lo-fi producers to vagabond bass DJs or randomly talented soundheads who threw together a couple tunes, the well of unrecognized talent is bottomless.

Unfortunately, platforms promoting these artists sometimes seem few and far between. Therefore, The Rust Music was founded to be a one-stop shop for fans to discover and indulge in unrecognized or underground musical talent.

In 2014, New York City native Wyler Sanca started The Rust as a music blog to express thoughts about his favorite tunes. In 2017 Francesco Ferran and Malakai Linden stepped into the fold, The Rust Music was re-incorporated, and soon a small crew of creators gravitated toward the project.

Today, through the time, energy and unique resources of these individuals and the valued support of many contributors, partners, and fans, The Rust Music is a growing blog, label, production company and management agency, still based in New York City.

Through these channels we curate atypical electronic music, from experimental beats to psychedelic bass. We hope to inspire enthusiasm for jazz, hip-hop and world music within the electronic community. We seek to give back to this community that has given each of us so much, hopeful that our events, coverage and music enrich the experiences of others.

Stay chooned.