Wessanders aka Kai Felsman is comfortable composing across various styles without fitting neatly into any one genre. Kai’s pursuit of visceral musical moments, combined with his education in electronic music production, results in a raw, exposed sound that’s still clean and refined from a production standpoint.

Musically speaking, Kai is a well-traveled individual. He’s heavily influenced by sounds and styles from around the world, particularly those on the African continent where’s he lived on two occasions. The dynamic polyrhythms common to world music are foundational for Wessanders. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Kai is uniquely positioned to combine these diverse influences with the contemporary cutting-edge in sound design and arrangement to create impactful, one-of-a-kind bass music.

After cutting his teeth within New England’s electronic music community, Wessanders is branching out and reaching new markets. His fluid and engaging live performances captivate audiences, be they fans of glitch hop, dubstep, future bass, house, you name it. His music is complex yet accessible, so audiences can approach Wessanders from multiple angles, whether they’re audiophiles or just out for a good head nod. Regardless of circumstances, weight - that heavy, low-end content that provokes a strong physical response - remains the common denominator across the Wessanders catalog.

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