Smigonaut aka Josh Kipersztok approaches alternative electronic music with the touch of a trained jazz musician and the precision of an audio engineering professional. He is, in fact, both of these things. From glitch hop to downtempo, Smigonaut’s brand of bass music stands - or rather swings - out from the pack. Swaggering from the speaker stacks his music strikes a balance between the experimental and the accessible. He produces low-down, left-field neuro bass, but couches it in familiar jazzy frameworks.

Originally hailing from Seattle, Washington, Josh learned to play instruments early in life. His great familiarity with note relationships adds dimension to his music that few producers on the electronic airwaves can mirror. With the right scale he’ll pull deep emotions from the audience. In the next bar, he’ll brighten the dance floor by dangling from note to note like a trapeze artist. Josh cultivated these skills, versed himself in music technology, and developed a professional approach to composition as a student at Berklee College of Music. As a post grad, he began flexing sound systems from New York City to Portland, Oregon and hasn’t looked back. Today he’s a mainstay on lineups at major music festivals and curated club nights throughout the Northeastern US.

He’s released with labels like Street Ritual, Night Owl Collective, and VALE. He’s collaborated with kindred spirits like Jade Cicada and DeeZ, even playing the guitar on a track from this latter artist.  With his Constructs EP, released in December 2017, Josh puzzles together the sultriest swing and the dirtiest bass to create a cohesive work. Thematically, the EP touches upon the prevalence of social constructs. For his part, in life and music, Smigonaut continues to unravel these constructs and create his own unique vision in their place.

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