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Based out of the New York metropolitan area, TYGRIS is the brainchild and platform of multi-instrumentalist Zach Plocic. Bringing together influences from hip-hop, jazz, dubstep, and "neuro" sound design, Zach weaves and sews interlocking matrices of rhythm and melody, fleshing out a plethora of amorphous soundscapes that provide a lens through which to view his auditory universe.

Professionally trained as an audio engineer through SAE NY, TYGRIS also has a penchant for audio post-production and sound for cinematography, and composing arrangements for commercial use. As a multi-dimensional producer and forward-thinking musician, his own arrangements demonstrate a mastered understanding of music theory and the application of improvisation. Combining the tools of his extensive aural education, his completed works are a testament to instrumental dialogue and musicality.

The high octane TYGRIS live performance has quickly become a staple both within the NY tristate area and beyond, utilizing a combination of live mixing, vinyl scratching, and the choice addition of keyboard and bass guitar elements depending on the circumstance. A plethora of producers and DJs throughout the east coast have brought TYGRIS onboard for a number of in-studio projects, live collaborations, and as reinforcement on curated lineups, including Tsimba, iX, Soley, and Rasp-5.

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