Tygris - Fabric

The Fabric EP finds Northeastern glitch hop head Tygris leading a tour through dark urban nights filled with rumbling bass and distorted voices that echo down hidden sonic passageways. All four songs flow deliberately into the next, with careful motifs connecting the entire project. It kicks off with classic rap vocal samples, ends with dirty, dense verses from the quick-witted Rasp 5, and is punctuated by a collaboration with Wax Future. 

Consistent hip-hop rhythms serve as a familiar jumping off point that listeners can lean into. This sets the stage for an interplay of experimental sound design and aggressively manipulated vocal samples. Voices are stretched and peeled apart as Tygris plies them both for their unique sonic properties and their ability to express thoughts. Precise calculations create just the right pitch and veneer on a series of bass synthesizers. Then the entire weight of the sound is tumbled to and fro, tossed, turned and mashed down like a piece of play-doh. With the vocals tumbling along in tandem, Fabric becomes a maelstrom of head-bopping psychedelic bass that’s impossible to ignore.