Face Plant is the diabolical bass chemist bonding ionic melodies with torrential waves of rugged sound design. With a masterful understanding of numerous instruments and an uninhibited desire to further stimulate his production knowledge, Jason Shepherd (Face Plant) composes an unmistakably original formula for his bubbly, yet cathartic audio solutions, and lets them pulse with exuberant life both in the studio as well as during his live performances. 

The face is the primary means of emotional expression.

To plant is to place something with the intention to have it grow.

It's with these ideas in mind that Face Plant looks to create and express emotions through his music. In order to facilitate the growth of the mind, Face Plant aims to plant inspiration in his listeners and to become a plant of sorts himself; manufacturing emotions.

Face Plant has shared the stage with Ott., Jade Cicada, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, Bogtrotter, Sixis, kLL sMTH, CloZee, Supersillyus, Mumukshu, Unlimited Gravity, Cofresi, Goopsteppa and plenty more. 

Management & Bookings: mgmt@therustmusic.net


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