Rusted Rhythms Vol. 25 - Face Plant

For the 25th edition of Rusted Rhythms, The Rust Music's resident Face Plant is channeling his ghoulish musings through the veil of Halloween. Jason Shepherd, the man behind the alias, is already noted for his penchant for all things spooky and far out. Elaborating on that supernatural infatuation, the tracklist for this mix is the ideal soundscape for All Hallow's Eve. Anchored throughout the mix are a slew of unreleased Face Plant goodies, showcasing his palette of nuclear-charged synthesis and generative sound design. Fat wobbles don't go out of style; they simply adapt, evolve, and become fatter wobbles, and Shepherd lives by this platitude. Beyond the Face Plant originals, the mix is littered with selectors from some of the more prolific names in electronically produced music, most notably Mr. Bill, Alon Mor, Culprate, and Ion Driver. Tapping from the well of hip-hop and it's pervasive spin-offs, the likes of Gramatik, Tab & Anitek, and Rasp 5 find their homes in this edition of Rusted Rhythms as well, complimenting what is already a hip-hop rhythmic focus. If you're trying to get alchemical this Halloween, here's your soundtrack. The witch's brew is stirred properly, the moon is radiating it's lurid glow, and Halloween is finally upon us. Stay spooky.

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Face Plant (Ft. Jon Hao) - ?
Bonobo - Ketto
Gramatik - Good Evening Mr Hitchcock
Bricksquash - Bricksquash Mafia
Face Plant - Boom Slang
Face Plant (Ft. Rasp-5) - Brain Damage
Ott - Owl Stretching Time
Face Plant - ?
Face Plant - Naga
Mr. Bill (w/ Evoke) - Same
Culprate - The Memoirs of Gregory Ottoman
Alon Mor - Late Night Skyline
Ion Driver - High Noon
Tab & Anitek - Closely
Face Plant - ?