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For audiences, Maxfield music strikes that critical balance between provoking thought and motivating movement. Maxfield uses an intergalactic imagination to create sonic contortions and space age thematics that challenge the intellect, while at the same time setting down a physical groove that’s impossible to ignore.

The Boston-based producer generally chooses not to adhere to trends in electronic songwriting. Instead, he indulges a wandering creativity that blurs the already hazy distinctions between sub-genres of electronic music. Whether he’s writing a seven-minute symphonic story or a glitch-laden dance floor wrecker, Maxfield’s willingness to experiment distinguishes him and leads to one-of-a-kind compositions.

Jake Maxfield (Maxfield) attended Berklee College of Music to cultivate his prolific skill with the guitar. Once there, though, the right combination of music, moments, and people soon found him studying electronic music and the technology behind it. Although Jake will still sometimes incorporate his own guitar riffs into his songs, raw, mechanized sound design is his specialty. Still, in funky bass lines and dramatic melodic flourishes one can hear the echoes of Jake’s instrumental upbringing.

To date Maxfield has supported other bass and glitch producers such as Opiuo, Thriftworks, kLL sMTH, Space Jesus, Whitebear, Bogtrotter, and Ill Gates. With a meticulous work ethic, he continues to expand and refine his sound design and compositional abilities at a dramatic pace.

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