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Gaddy - Mixtape Mentality

A kick, snare and killer bassline is all Gaddy needs to get the bodies moving. The young man from Austin, Texas by way of Houston knows these fundamental musical elements like the back of his hand. On Mixtape Mentality, a seven-track release that straddles the line between EP and LP, they serve as the foundation for experiments in groove. The common denominator is a steady head nod, and the rest is up for interpretation. 

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Deerskin - Kokopelli's Flute

Burgeoning through the surface of contemporary sound system music, the Kokopelli’s Flute EP is an ambitious and meticulous twist on melodious dialogue, and brings Milwaukee-based Deerskin deeper into his hypnotic approach to composition.  Drawing inspiration from various cultural approaches to scale and mode, the EP is an exquisite production, and is equally impressive in its musical constitution. 


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