Maxfield & WESSANDERS - Tacos Al Pastor

Jake Maxfield aka Maxfield and Kai Felsman aka Wessanders from Boston, Massachusetts team up on Tacos Al Pastor, an exhilarating two-track EP. The project possesses fundamentally unorthodox songwriting, with two cuts - “Tacos” and “In Tulum” - that cut unique paths and leave room for sonic surprises.

Both producers flex impressive sound design many times over, offering weighty, gravitational basslines that are juxtaposed with a spread of delicate glitches. Both of the tracks are sewn together with fine-tuned percussion that is progressive but accessible. 

Tacos Al Pastor comes on the heels of Maxfield's stellar Sonorous EP, and for Wessanders it follows his crunchy Christmas Miracle Mini Mix. We hope you enjoy this listen and stay chooned for more.