Waterchild - Loria

A cache of deep grooves as hypnotic as they are diverse pour forth from Loria, the first full-length LP from the Nashville-based electronic musician known as Waterchild. Loria weaves together a miscellany of styles including ambient, downtempo, dub, hip-hop and jazz. Since he began writing music Waterchild has mined and manipulated this diversity to create his own personal blend of sound. Loria represents the most developed and cohesive presentation of that sound to date.

The album is a complex collage of instrumental and acoustic material. The drums are never so heavy as to betray their electronic origins, especially when sprinkled over with wooded rimshots and metallic ride cymbals. Jazzy piano and classical guitar are spliced into the space between boom and bap on. Woodwinds help paint a colorful, arrhythmic landscapes of eastern ambience. Saxophone saunters on top of synth pads.

Regardless of the style a track adheres to or innovates upon, Waterchild adopts a stance of peace, contemplation, and emotional vulnerability throughout Loria. Nothing is hidden and no airs are put on. This is music to relax with; music to think on and to feel; music for dreams and dreamers.