Rusted Rhythms Vol. 24 - Dillard

Rusted Rhythms are all about showcasing the beat to one’s personal drum, and Dillard spares no expense in taking us on a ride through his world of omnidirectional system music. Summoning the power and versatility of the 140bpm kingdom, this rocky mountain bruiser locks in a 50-minute long sub-weight melee. The enclosed Dillard productions and collaborations are a testament to the myriad musical aesthetics that he finds inspiration in. Featured amongst the list of selectors are the likes of Jafu, Substrata, Geode, Atyya, and Prophet, honoring the magnanimity of similar low-end veterans. This is an homage to the dungeon dwellers and nightcrawlers amongst us. Do not turn off your sound system until you’ve properly rinsed Rusted Rhythms 24.

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Dillard - Target Soundboy
B9 & Jafu - Zephyr Night
Hajimari - Absence ft. Sora
Teffa - Phase One
Dillard - Essence
Dillard & Subtle Mind - This
Subtle Mind - Cheifin
Substrata & Caba - Zygote
Mercy & Geode - Dreams of Hate
Dillard - 0742
Atyya & Dillard - Eon
Hebbe - B-side Dub
Dillard & DMVU - Llunga
Dillard - 26ING
Teffa - phone tapes
Arta - phased breathing
Iyakuh & Pathwey - Woju Nawate
Prophet - Paradox
Samba - Tssss
DMVU & Dillard - Leann Rok
Dillard - Waved
Dillard - Unfolding
Ian Ewing - Cereus - (Freud’s Midnight Snack Remix)