Rusted Rhythms Vol. 23 - Sortof Vague ft. Vinja

For the 23rd installment of Rusted Rhythms, Sortof Vague and Vinja team up to present a hair-raising mix ripe with delicious vinyl cuts. Sam Whittingham (Sortof Vague), the man behind the decks, is a Colorado native with a keen ear for musical atmospheres. Vince Santora (Vinja), commanding the turntables, is a veteran rhythm curator. Together, their talents align into a mutagenic 45-minute melee. Weaving through drum and bass, half-time, and neuro formats, this mix is an appeal to the adrenaline junkie. The mixing itself is an art to behold. Each successive track and transition compliments not just the track it overtakes, but the sum of the extended musical journey. Honing in especially on bone-crushing bass lines, the tracklist features a brutal collaboration between Sortof Vague and Vinja, as well as cuts from NOISIA, DJ Madd, Metafloor, Detox Unit, and a host of other producers dug out from the deep wells of bass music. If you enjoy hearing cerebral soundmen slice sub-woofers in half, then you’ve surely found your next soundtrack with Rusted Rhythms Vol. 23.

Sortof Vague: Soundcloud / Facebook

Vinja: Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp / Instagram


Taelimb & Conscience - Chasing Pads
Euph - Hiatus
Bredren - City Clan
DJ Madd - Square Crabz
DJ Madd - Level Di Vibes [drums]
Groves - Tengmo Rah
Paradox - Orion [intro]
Sully - Digitalis
Sinistarr & Kabuki - Declination
Kinetic - High Tree
Transparent - Deep In My Soul [intro]
DJ Madd - Kunte Kinte Riddim
Metafloor - Dennis
Greazus & Sinistarr - Skankface
Greazus - Braise
Skeptical - Void
420 GUCCI GANG [intro]
Lewis James - Lomp
Fracture - Sick Wid It
Sam Binga & Om Unit - Windmill Kick
Dillinja - Thugs (DJ Madd Halftime Flip)
Sortof Vague & Vinja - Underground
Detox Unit - ???
Thing - Dublands [intro]
Enei - Crunchy
Ground - Marbles
Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero