Rusted Rhythms Vol. 28 - backpack

Jazz-infused 140 bpm system music has been monopolizing our attention for some time now. Philadelphia-based producer/DJ backpack is obsessed with the music, too, and for the 28th installment of Rusted Rhythms he’s strung together a one-hour mix full of this emerging left field sound. He displays a discerning ear for selecting the sound and a strong hand for mixing it. Selections include tracks from Chord Marauders residents Jafu and Geode, as well as a buffet of selections from the innovative Smallprint Recordings imprint based in Brighton, UK. In addition to these top-of-class choices, Rusted Rhythms Vol. 28 offers perhaps the largest amount of original backpack music existing in one place to date. Each cut is weighty and impressive, including collaborations with other Philadelphia-based producers wiseyoungfool and 5AM which represents stylistic fusions. It’s not all system music, though. Stick around until the end to hear backpack round out the mix in style with tunes rooted in hip-hop, including one true classic.

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Blicka - Loading Screen
Sun - You
Khromi - Dressed In Camo
Jafu - Capturing the Storm VIP
Kadet P - Cloudy Eyes and Bright Words
Samba - Stripes
Ternion Sound - Nicky P
Eva808 - Psycho Sushi
J:Kenzo - Cross Polarity
Geode - Lark Ascending
Dillard & Subtle Mind - Temporal 
backpack - Wither
backpack - Delirium 
backpack - Eventually
backpack & Zejibo - Desolation 
backpack & wiseyoungfool - Orchestral Harmonics 
backpack & 5AM - Off Beat Style 
Goth-Trad - Born to Know
Escapism Refuge - Dent
Submotion Orchestra - Forever
Traces - Nature
Zejiboo - part_2_
Krimson - Dr Green
5AM - Peace Mode
Danny Breaks - The Jellyfish
Flamingosis Hidden Attraction