Rusted Rhythms Vol. 2 - Foxtail

Incredibly hyped to announce Rusted Rhythms Vol. 2, which features a new mix from Foxtail. An incredibly diverse blend of downtempo, IDM, glitch, psychedelic bass, ambient... the list goes on. This mix is a mysterious journey into the mind of the vulpine soundsifter, littered with obscure, thought-provoking samples, eerily vast soundscapes, and some of the squelchiest gurgles to ever bless the airwaves.

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Gustavo Santaolalla - Atacama
Alan Watts - Being Aware of Awareness (sampled)
Nicolas Jaar - Almost Fell
Funkstoerung - SLO
Bwoy de Bhajan - Mubar Camel Liquor
Wisp - See In Rainbows
Ott - Harwell Dekatron
Primal Vibrations - Lost Stillness
Paeling (Muse) - Plat
Nietzche read by Alex Jennings- Genius of The Heart (Sampled)
Shigeto - Ritual Howl
Culprate - In The End
Shanti - Fractal Lagoon
Alan Watts - Wiggly World (Sampled)
Electric Mantis - Pacific
Griff - Predestination
Transhuman (Original Mix) - SIXIS
Shamans Dream & Bluetech - Breath of Ma (AtYyA Remix)
VENT - Bear Crunk
Bran Richards - The Pez Dispensing Seagull
Wagon Christ - Bend Over
Fulgeance - Nightwalker
Bogtrotter - Bionic Dusk
Goopsteppa - Bounce
Peter Broderick - Proposed Solution To The Mystery Of The Soul (Sampled)
Koen Holtkamp - Between Visible Things
Philip Grass - Mt. St. Helens
Kettel - Mollusc Media Experience
4lienetic - Do You Think Of Me?
Kettel & Secede - Ringvanes
Alicks & Izzard - Looking Out With You
edIT - Southern Belle
Teebs - Holiday (Featuring Jonti)
Shinamo Moki - Rowena's Wedding
Mama Cass - Dream A Little Dream of Me
Deru - I Would Like
Daniel Hope - Philip Glass: Echorus