Rusted Rhythms Vol. 3 - Shanti

This mix is super special not only for The Rust and myself, but also for Shanti, who is not only an incredibly passionate producer and DJ, but a close friend as well. This intimate mix includes a slue of released, unreleased, and forthcoming tunes from not only Shanti, but a host of his personal friends... So it's sure to be something remarkable. The mix features a delicate and precise weaving of psychedelia and the deepest of the dubstep into a glorious union of aural tranquility. Shanti is no stranger to undulation ... this mix is both a fantastic addition to the artists repertoire and the perfect introduction to what he's all about. Don't sleep on this one and stay chooned for more from Shanti!

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Blind Jazz - Biome
Almost - Drew's Theory & Buca Florist (Forthcoming)
The Western Keys - Drew's Theory & Shanti (Forthcoming)
Kyushu to Hokkaido - Drew's Theory (Forthcoming)
Mellow Lagoon - Shanti (Forthcoming)
Pastiche - Trashbat
Transparent - Bliss. (Craft remix)
Knee Skills - Gerwin
Trust Your Feelings - Gerwin
East VIPR - Raynor (Toka Remix)
Yellow Moon - Kercha
Pinch of Fault - Menik
Entanglement - Dillard
Waiting for You - Autodream
Riku's Demise - Shanti ft. Sponce
Archangel - Burial (Asa & Sorrow Remix) (Unreleased)
Speedball2 - Burial (Asa & Sorrow Remix) (Unreleased)