Rusted Rhythms Vol. 15 - Soul Candy

Broadcasting from the holler of Asheville, North Carolina, Ryan Laffler aka Soul Candy offers an omnivorous exploration of broken beat. This mix moves through glitch, hip-hop, British breaks and back again, with brief downtempo respites to help listeners catch their breath. These rhythms include old school hip-hop throwbacks, deep selections from names both legendary and unknown, and weighty cuts from the cream of the contemporary glitch crop; Kursa, Seppa, Detox Unit, Monuman and K.LO. It’s all sewn together through an aggressive mixing style - Soul Candy takes risks when splicing together tunes, creating those one-of-a-kind musical spaces that make a mix memorable.

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Eric Andre Show audio clip
Noisia - Square Feet
Detox - (Sub) PlatterSplatter
K.L.O. Smashed Puff
Kursa - GET DOWN
Kursa - HUH
objcts - I Have No Eyes and I Must See
The Widder - Tricks
A Tribe Called Quest - Check the Rhime
The Widder - Dizzy Fizzy
ETOAS - Thoughts About Monday
Tipper - Sleeper
Detox Unit - [unreleased]
Ott - Aubergine of the Sun
Jon Kennedy - Heaven (ft. Preacherman)
Primate - Simulated Realty
Skinshape - Summer
Freddy Todd - Soaping (ft. Wax Future)
Wagon Christ - London is a Country
Tryptich - Limbo
Jayl Funk - Dynamite Funk
bil bless - The Waste Invaders
Ford - Break Sound
Tipper - Forty Winks
Russ Broker - Through the Needle
Craig Mack - Making Moves w/ Puff
Seppa - Screamer
Detox Unit - Systems Offline
Monuman - Sinking
Tipper - Dead Soon
Frequent x Jonny Ha$h x Hudson Lee - Japanese Turkey Knees (outro)