Lo-Fi Sundays 072 - Emapea

The name of the game for Polish producer Emapea is range and personality. Reminiscent of producers from the golden era of hip hop, Emapea aims to create a unique sound that is not limited to one style.

He seamlessly combines the elements of jazzy lo-fi hip-hop with dark trip hop, and funky bass line jams. He often uses rap samples, turntable cuts, and fresh boom-bap breaks to add just the right amount of street flavor to the smooth texture and serene atmosphere of the track.

The way a sketch artist will run their fingers over the sharp pencil lines of a portrait to create shading, Emapea blends his sonic pathways to create both depth and simplicity. Each song, even the heavier tracks, have somewhat matted textures that make for an extremely comfortable listen.

Emapea has released most of his work on the eminent Los-Angeles based Cold Busted Records. He just released an album called Zoning Out Volume 2 that perfectly captures his range as an artist. Most of his work is available exclusively on Spotify or Bandcamp, including his album Jazzy Tape, which assuredly lives up to its name. Relax, and join Emapea on a sonic journey of steez and precision.

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