Waterchild & Space Cadet - Flabber Ghasted [Premiere]

After the release of Impressions and Premonitions in 2016 and 2017, respectively, the Nashville-based producers Waterchild and Space Cadet cap their collaborative trilogy of mystic downtempo EPs with Illuminations, dropping tomorrow. The multi-dimensional and aqueous single “Flabber Ghasted” premieres today preceding the full EP.

This tune delivers a sensation akin to the ground shifting beneath your feet, while your head rockets up to outer space. The producers make excellent use of the space within the mix to set up dimension and foundation that grounds the listener. Then they begin shifting and rearranging those elements, altering depth perception and eventually tumbling the listener headlong into a galactic climax of triumphant melody surrounded by swirling particulate matter. “Flabber Ghasted” acts as an emotional high point on Illuminations, which is itself a climactic conclusion to this series of EPs.

There’s much to appreciate in the separate production styles of Waterchild and Space Cadet, both of whom were featured on The Rust Music’s Oxidized Vol. 2 compilation. Each brushes up gently against psychedelia without overdoing it, and each can create musical moments of great emotional weight without needing to blast the listener with sound. Together, they elevate to a higher, more nuanced plane of creativity where each pushes the other take risk. They can frequently be found on lineups together in and around Nashville, helping to hold down that southeastern city’s small but growing psychedelic bass scene. Illuminations is available for pre-order now, and also check out the prior two EPs for the full Waterchild & Space Cadet experience. 

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