Tribone - Incantations [Single]

Serving his label Shanti Planti with honor, Tribone rallies the troops with a battle cry in the otherworldy land of psychedelic bass music. A rare outlier in a field so clearly steeped in dub influences, Tribone faces this world with the smirk of someone raised around psytrance. He designs his sounds and arrangements with a flair for the heavy and tribal, occasionally collaborating with concordant producers Whitebear and Master Minded. His latest effort “Incantations” is a wild burst of energy to whet the appetite of fans and rock the socks off the dancefloor with strange vibrations. Be prepared to stomp this one out.

True to its name, “Incantations” begins with an entrancing whisper that steals into the psyche of the listener and leads them into psychedelic orbit. The vocals provided by Solar Kid are a vital energetic buoy for the track overall. They indicate an increase in vibrant and diffident sounds whenever a raspy shamanic spell is cast. The driving beat runs the mood, piling on reverb until it becomes bell-like, while a counterbalancing beat engages more of the body.

Certainly on the more aggressive and heavy side of tribal, it's a firm reminder that war is part of the spirit. As Shanti Planti is noteworthy in the psybass fold for clever polyrhythms, worldbeat aesthetics, and dark musical themes, it makes all the sense in the world that the label would export the heavyweight Shachar (ch as in Bach) aka Tribone for a rare single track release.

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