Resonant Language - Nautiloid EP

Colorado-based sonic surveyor Resonant Language delivers an aqueous treat through the Nautiloid EP; a meticulous dance of liquid textures and near-sentient synthesis. It was released through Aquatic Collective, an organization that brings together and highlights "artists channeling inspiration from the beauty of water." In cooperation with The Coral Reef Alliance, proceeds from the download sales of the EP will go towards the conservation of coral reefs world wide.

The root of Nautiloid is nautical, defined as "of or concerning sailors or navigation; maritime." The tambres and tones of the album further this association beyond mere wordplay, combining favored tropes of glitch and neuro with sporadic elements of fluidity and aqua-like textures. The percussion choice and programming is top notch, with a particular flair for musical turnarounds and sequence breaks. Each facet of each track has been dialed in for maximum clarity, and hones in on the aural associations humans have created over generations with our most precious and necessary resource: Water.

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