Lo-Fi Sundays 009 - iamalex

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Alexander Christoph Wiese a.k.a. iamalex has been dropping warm, soulful beats - the musical equivalent of comfort food - for just under a year according to his Soundcloud; the blink of an eye, but enough time to land on compilations from some of contemporary Lo-Fi's most outstanding imprints like Chillhop MusicHip DozerInner Ocean Records, and Saikei Collective. 

Beats from iamalex differ from other Lo-Fi offerings. Each is a fully-formed composition, which is not to suggest that the one-minute piano and drum snips so integral to Lo-Fi are not valuable. But the length, complexity, musicality, and at times the lyrical content of iamalex tunes defines each as its own distinct entity. This is most apparent on the producer's recent work, Treetop Hotel EPwith a three-minute song like "Memories" The gorgeous, melancholic lyrics and catchy guitar lick create a bright and accessible pop vibe, but the song is anchored with the dusty, chopped traditional trappings of Lo-Fi.

Our favorite cut from the producer is "Together", featured on Inner Ocean Record's prolific tape Bless Vol. 1. There's an idea germinating behind this beautiful music. "I think there are two things within the human being, as there is in myself," a woman's voice says. "They want to be alone, but they also want to be together." The melody, composed of warped guitar and key samples, is just sublime. Layers of soft synth bass, and a bass guitar sample are introduced underneath, buoying the melody from kick to snare as it hammers away at the emotional fortitude of the listener. Coated with chimes and glittering keys, this one creates a slight psychedelic and cerebral atmosphere that is irresistible.

Iamalex's drums always knock, with adept side-chain compression on the kicks setting off clean, popping snares embellished with a whooshing effect.  Tunes like "The Joy" and "The Breeze and Beatrice" showcase an exceptional talent for identifying soul samples, both vocal and instrumental. The latter tune, also featured on Treetop Hotel EP even treads into the waters of electro-soul with a conversant flute sample, violins, and aching blues vocals. All this materials combines into highly-developed colorful collages more musically dynamic than traditional Lo-Fi. 

Stay chooned to iamalex and explore his offering. In the expansive universe of Lo-Fi production his beats are a cut above, and they're beginning to generate a wider response online, particularly since the producer has been able to link up with so many popular labels. His craftsmanship only seems to be improving, but for now, kick back on another lazy - or perhaps industrious - Sunday, and enjoy the vibes which this special producer has to offer.

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