Classic Albums 002: Lusine - Serial Hodgepodge


On November 30, 2004, Lusine released Serial Hodgepodge, an aptly named exploration of the intricacy of sound in music. The third release from the Texas bred producer, Serial Hodgepodge can be viewed (or heard) as a true stream of consciousness. This album moves you through highs and lows - moments of chaos juxtaposed with moments of tranquility. It pulses between ambient soundscapes and hard-hitting dance tracks, exhibiting the wide range of styles which Lusine seamlessly weaves together. Lusine maintains an exciting tempo, and showcases his signature use of ethereal female vocals.

Formerly known as L’usine, which is the French word for The Factory, Jeff McIlwain has proven time and again that emotion-driven stories can be captured and portrayed through manipulating frequency. There is no denying the life that Lusine breathes into each track. The multifaceted layers of each tune on Serial Hodgepodge invite the listener to explore the depths of industrial, mechanical beauty, and with each subsequent playthrough of the album, the sheer level of detail begins to unveil itself.

Lusine is able to jump back and forth among mood and manner while still maintaining a cohesive, complete work. Beginning with the tranquility of ‘Ask You’, Lusine then kicks things up a notch with ‘Slur’, as tempo increases and the mood shifts from peaceful to excited, even frantic. This pattern continues throughout the album, as the tracks alternate between calming soundscapes and mechanical, grungy house bangers.

Both this album and the rest of the Lusine discography have become a staple in any experimental music collection. This is the sound we've come to know and love from Lusine, and with Serial Hodgepodge he has left a significant imprint on electronic music.

Co-Written by Sophie Judson & Katin Shalit