Rumpistol - In My Room

Art:  Carlin Diaz

Art: Carlin Diaz

Music from the Danish producer Jens Christiansen aka Rumpistol has never been conventional. It was his ability to create experimental yet accessible electronic music that first earned him notoriety over a decade ago. Now, a new five-track collection called In My Room finds the producer leaning ever further into that absence of orthodoxy. In My Room takes artistic risk and combines threads from many electronic styles. It showcases non-linear songwriting, bold textures, and uninhibited array of sonic material. Yet despite Rumpistol’s endless tinkering and flirtations with the edge, In My Room still offers a deeply comforting listening experience. 

Tempos and moods are fluid throughout this release, but the common denominator is a sense of wonder. The sort of wonder surrounding something ultimate and grand that we can’t quite grasp, yet we know is out there. The sort of wonder that surfaces when we’re lost in thought alone in our room. Rumpistol can fit so many distinct, disparate sounds into his music without creating a crowded mix. Each element has room to breathe. In My Room offers another great example of this dynamic. 

In the past several years, Jens has been working with his jazz and world fusion supergroup Kalaha, and maneuvering through the United States’ bass music circuit. The sounds of these two different worlds appear to have heavily influenced In My Room, and as such, it represents a new evolution of Rumpistol’s music.