Kromuh - Shadow Terra

Art:  László Magyar

Art: László Magyar

Infusing hip-hop rhythmic fundamentals and outright devilish sound design, Kromuh unleashes the street-smart Shadow Terra. The Chicago-based producer excels in balancing bass weight and intuitive grooves, coming this time with three original tracks plus a collaboration with fellow neuronaut VCTRE. This music can be enjoyed any number of ways. It’s smooth, letting the listener rock back and forth with grace. But it’s also sharp, encouraging the heads to dig into the precise sound design. 

Kromuh didn’t always produce filthy, hip-hop driven bass music. He first cut his teeth on funkier sounds. But once he began dabbling in the darkness, he truly honed in on a specific rude man sound and has elevated it ever since. Shadow Terra represents the next great leap in this journey. Every song slams the frequency spectrum with jagged cuts and pocket percussion serenades, turning otherwise smooth hip-hop rhythms into dance floor carnage.