Foxtail - Revontulet

Photo:  Sunn Kim   Painting:  Tom Loranz

Photo: Sunn Kim
Painting: Tom Loranz

The Utah-based audiophile and producer Foxtail reinvents his own wheel with Revontulet. Foxtail’s sound is categorically fluid in every way, and he succeeds in delivering on that fluidity yet again. Each aspect of his songwriting process has continued to mature, from the precise production to the crisp engineering. This maturation process has resulted in a tonally balanced set of five songs that together weave an emotional membrane.

Each track pairs off with the one ahead of it in a spacious, harmonious dance. The synthesis patching across the release is consistent and direct, creating a continuity that holds the record together like glue. Two tracks feature careful, syncopated vinyl cuts that dart through the percussion layers, combining dancefloor sentimentalities with downtempo ambience. Foxtail’s rhythmic structures are concise and hypnotic, carrying each composition straight from headphones to headspace.

Returning fans will remember his last release, Kitsune, as a melodious terminal into the Foxtail audio mythology. Revontulet is its natural successor, honing in on and evolving his undeniably dynamic style. Grouped together with his first release, Vosmana, these three EP’s makeup a dynamic trilogy that spans across the musical mindset of Foxtail.