Universe of Sounds - Froth

Art:  Resonant Language

Art: Resonant Language

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Universe of Sounds brings liquidity and fidelity to the table through his first full release, the Froth EP.
Dripping in synthetic moisture and vibrant melodies, the EP blends texture and melody into a tonally full experience.

“Gumption” brings the energy up with a modern shine to classic glitch hop. Pocketed rhythms serve as a foundation for a vivacious skip through processed string lines and space-aged breaks. Every texture fills the stereo space no more than it needs to, balancing intensity with grace with smooth interpolation. “Peroration” is an airy, percussive swell of glitches and poignant lead lines. It takes its time developing from start to finish, cultivating a complete musical immersion.

For fans of a good headtrip and psychedelic soundscapes, the Froth EP will surely satiate any metaphysical cravings.