Rusted Rhythms Vol. 10 - Dancemyth & tye.

Supplying our most recent guest mix are Dancemyth and tye. with a wonderfully collaborative effort. Stringing together a host of tunes from across the total music spectrum, and sprinkled with a few original tracks, this collection boasts tracks from Tipper to Kursa, Jedi Mind Tricks to Ratatat, Danny Breaks to Simon and Garfunkel. Mixed with expert precision and featuring choice cuts of live guitar and vinyl scratching, sit back and take an hour out of your day to take a much needed nostalgia trip around the sonic universe.

"This mix is to pay an homage to how we got started with music. Before we began producing, we would just spend our time DJing, practicing with other people’s tunes. Even today, with original music of our own, we still like to rinse out some of our favorite tunes from time to time. In this mix you’ll find tunes from some of our favorite artists and biggest influences, as well as some original music both released and unreleased. We hope you enjoy!"

Dancemyth: Bandcamp  /  Facebook

tye: Bandcamp  /  Facebook


Dancemyth & tye. - Talk in Technicolor
Dancemyth - Slow Burn VIP
tye. - Underwater Gibberish VIP
tye. - Parallel Continuum
Sepia - Point Blank
Kursa - Get With It
Seppa - Cuff Link
tye. - Splubbloo
Culprate - Interludes
Mild Movements - Residual (Dancemyth Remix)
tye. - Solfol
juancarapan - man from the windy mountain
Mickman - Transmission
Ratatat - Five
The Widdler - Tricks
Shield - Horrormovie
Somatoast - Stepping On Cracks
Emperor - Let the Whole World Know
TC feat. Jakes - Rep (QZB Remix)
Kursa - Fall Over
Mouldy Soul - Basil Seeds
Traim - Grach
Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence
Mouldy Soul - Whine and Shine
Dancemyth - SOAKED
Jedi Mind Tricks - I Against I
Tipper - Crimp
BogTroTTer - Wub Specter (Duffrey Remix)
tye. - Odd Daze
Dancemyth - Zelch
DMVU - Lately I’ve Been Walk the Way You Do
Danny Breaks - Soul Something
Ratatat - Spanish Armada
Circuit Bent - Orchestrality
Dancemyth - Reality
HOME - Oort Cloud