Rusted Rhythms Vol. 19 - LOVEY

Rusted Rhythms is back with a well-blended collection of wild-eyed tunes from Israeli DJ LOVEY. This outlandish selection of tracks runs the gambit of emotions, at times manic and later soothing. The atmosphere is atypical, and the different textures and sounds would be difficult to juxtapose were it not for the creative mixing and selection of LOVEY. Dark and not altogether electronic vibes from the likes of Alon Mor and Fine Cut Bodies leer in the shadows, giving way only occasionally to more conventional beats. It's a great selection of sounds to safely lose your mind to, if only for an hour.



Dusty Fungus - Surreal Futurist (Fine Cut Bodies' Angry Vortex Remix)
Jungle Spirit - One I
Tatran - Anar (Alon Mor Remix)
Fine Cut Bodies - Hedgehog Universe
Mr. Carmack - Rock Dem
Eyeseeu - Neighborhood Watch
Jungle Spirit - Capturing Colors On Glass
Sora - Dead Eyes
Signs - Diesel
Bogtrotter - Bionic Dust
Culprate - Florn
KOAN Sound - Lost In Thought (Alon Mor Remix)
Alon Mor - Sparse Talk
Tom Waits - Clap Hands (Circuit Bent Cover)
Chris Komus - Ophiocordyceps
Heyoka - Purgatory Dub
16bit - In The Death Car (Vocal Mix)