Resonant Language - Laminar Flow [Single]

Of the sounds echoing out of Colorado, none bear the banner of “weird” quite as dynamically as Resonant Language. Though he has only released a scant two EPs over seven years with a smattering of singles, the utterly unique structure and sound of his body of work is immaculately crafted and untouchable by words like “genre” or even “format”. While concepts like IDM or Bass Music might have some sticking power, the gravitation towards under-explored or novel areas of magnetic manipulation constantly defy expectation and often totally stymie any effort to describe him.

The new single, “Laminar Flow”, available now on Addictech and next week on Bandcamp, is no exception. With a broken beat that teases stability, he rides the line between holding predictable elements and totally subverting them. The most unusual aspect of the track, however, is the final third, in which natural drum samples creep in - suddenly the track drops into a jazzy space with a humble bluesy guitar melody. Smooth and drawn taut by the drums' occasionally breaksy stance, this is a calming wave after the storm of frenetic sound design and wandering notes. The track is mastered by Skyler Golden (Jade Cicada).

One never knows quite what to expect next with Resonant Language, which makes his music less accessible to some listeners. “Laminar Flow” is certainly more sedate than most of his released work, hence the streamlined implications of the name. With a singular devotion to his sound, he wrings unbelievable expressiveness out of his labor, truly exhibiting the emotions and struggle of making something new and challenging. While Resonant Language is often a struggle to dance to, the challenge is always worth it.

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