Dystopik - Squat Juice [Single]

Bending frequencies with blistering aggression, Dystopik reaches maximum energy levels with his latest single “Squat Juice”. This one comes of vicious label Wonk#Ay Records where Dystopik is a mainstay. He’s spent the last year and change producing all manner of bass tasters ranging across the rhythmic spectrum in both full and half-time interpretations. Within this steady string on destructive wave-bending, “Squat Juice” is another notch up on his own boisterous scale.

The meat of “Squat Juice” is it’s bone-shattering bass line. The synthesis is crushed with oversaturation and compression, resulting in a mutant tone that bangs out of speaker cones. Blasting in tandem with the bass line, the percussive design and arrangement is hair-raising and high-octane. Massive kicks propel each phrase into a bevy of heat-seeking snares that ping-pong around the tonal elements in the track. As for melody, there ultimately isn’t much. What we’re dealing with here is pure, unbridled sonic force.

Wonk#Ay Records has an reputation for fostering unconventional bass music. The raw energy that exudes from their catalog is a testament to their extensive research and scouting of underground sonic bruisers. Dystopik has certainly earned his keep with their lot, having been featured on numerous compilations and releases, including Pull Up, Feed The Contagious, and The Tronic. Stay tuned into his beefy frequency, and you might just get tossed around in a torrent of sound.

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