Lo-Fi Sundays 062 - mora.

Grainy, wavering, echoing notes are a hallmark of the ascendant lo-fi hip hop sound. Mora., a producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina who’s been at it for approximately three years, hits these notes effortlessly. His sound surrounds the listener. The lead melodies in his music are set against a backdrop of pads which sound like a music box that’s been dropped into a bucket of water; shimmering echoes carried on crisp drums.

One, two, one, two marching forward to eternity in a dreamscape. His best songs are like blurs of emotion or vague feeling, like an idea or essence brushed up against but not fully captured. These beats encapsulate a sort of quintessential lo-fi aesthetic. Some, including “gone” and “laika” utilize certain samples that are flipped by many other beatmakers. This may agitate some, who believe too many producers are using the same samples. At the same time, certain samples simply lend themselves well to hip hop beats - “the standards” if you will. Mora executes these standards with class and creativity.

The producer has been featured on prominent compilations from Inner Ocean Records and lofi.hiphop. He does his own graphic design, or, as he calls it, “graphic design”. In spite of his apparent modesty, his work is quite good (see the cover photo for this article). He captures in this artwork the same grainy, wavering subconscious haze that surrounds his music.

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