Lone Drum - Pedal Boss

Ascending from the mutant landscape of Gastropodia Prime, Lone Drum steps out of the lab and into the spotlight with his first solo release, Pedal Boss. The 5-track EP is a brain-busting hay maker of a record, ripe with dirty interpolation and space-aged hip-hop rhythms. As the scratch savant of the neuro-hop trio K.L.O, Lone Drum has been steadily injected into the bloodstream of the global bass music ear canal, and he absolutely smashes the bar with his first personal explosion out of the Slug Wife home base.

Pedal Boss is an ode to nastiness; blistered and distorted frequencies are let loose like a race horse straight out of the stable, only to be reigned back in through sharp-edged EQ bands and swelling modulation. The entire EP remains firmly planted in hip-hop’s rhythmic territory, but contains everything other than a classic head-nodder. The sonic bravado bursting out of each track sends the adrenaline pumping, with every song begging to be rinsed through a bone-busting sound system. The brackish textures of the low-end synthesis splinter and break around the beat, with beefy kick drums firing off raucous, heat-seeking bass lines and every snare snapping each line back into place. From start to finish, this is an aural onslaught more than well deserving of the Slug Wife platform and seal of approval.

While this may be the first official Lone Drum solo release, there was never a slither of doubt as to the quality this EP would offer. Being a fellow UK gastropod, it was only a matter of time before his individual works would begin to breathe out in the open. For those as swept up in the pulse of this EP as we are, our good friends Sermon and Envisioned Arts Atlanta are teaming up on March 30th to host the only US Slug Wife takeover to date to feature K.L.O. thus far. Fans of Lone Drum will be in for more than a handful of treats should they make the trek.

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