Lo-Fi Sundays 066 - Eyukaliptus

Smashing beats like a true beast from the East, EYUKALIPTUS delivers a diverse hip-hop package that spans the wider breadth of broken-beat rhythms. Based out of New York City, his tracks exude a palatable head-nod coupled with supple composition. From dazzling jazz overtures to traditional boom-bap flare EYUKALIPTUS manages to touch upon each nuanced niche of lo-fi music.

With classically bit-crushed percussion and the intonation of finger-drumming, the rhythmic dynamic in the EYUKALIPTUS catalog is hypnotic in its own right. The duality of the percussion and the flickers of sub movement create a pocketed groove for each track to rest in, fomenting the best aspects of every sample utilized in his discography. The sampling itself demands particular note, as his careful touch on each slice of audio allows the original texture to flourish while simultaneously blending into a new paradigm. As a on-going demonstration of attentive musicianship and song-writing, his melody structure fails to fall flat at any point, instead bringing a vibe and an atmosphere that feels especially weightless.

With three years of constant releases under his belt, the EYUKALIPTUS track count stands at 120 and rising. It’s no wonder his choice of style and tempo can vary so greatly, given his rapid-fire output. Various live mixes dot his catalog, featuring the delicious audible touch of SP 404 sampling power. With hands touching so many various aspects of musicality and production, watching EYUKALIPTUS with a close set of eyes can only do you justice.

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