ALEPH - NEXT HYPE [Premiere]

Breaking beat boundaries and blasting brain waves, ALEPH returns to the spotlight with the release of NEXT HYPE. A longtime resident with the label Renraku, ALEPH specializes in musical asynchronicity. This marks his production and makes it recognizable. Extremely saucy interpolation, audio artifacts, and crushing wave forms are the staples of his arsenal, and his newest endeavor takes all those assets along for the ride.

The title track “NEXT HYPE” is a fresh interpretation of the ALEPH style, channeling the power of breakbeat dance floor madness. He steers his preferred textures in new directions, and a retro-future smoothness is substituted for the hair-splitting intensity of his usual work. The percussion is an amalgamation of drums, pops, smacks, and aural bubbles slapping back and forth in the stereo space, throwing the listener into a hyperspace disco. Low-end grit and distortion plays it's part subtly, with bass lines laying down a follow-the-leader funk that shimmies in between each pang of the drums. Topping off the track like a cherry, the glitched-out audio trinkets that dance throughout the composition bring three-dimensional life to what would otherwise become too static of a song.

ALEPH always makes a killer first impression, and if you're just now learning about this stalwart audiophile, you're in for an absolute treat. If you have to get your hands on more, fear not; NEXT HYPE drops in full next Friday, March 15.

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