all:Lo Collective - all:Lo Compilation Vol. 1

Surfacing out of the vast musical wilderness that is Colorado, all:Lo Collective is a burgeoning label that aims to be steeped in all things low fidelity and low frequency. Parker Williams (parkbreezy), Phil Gallo (pheel), and Diana Neculcea man the helm of the operation, which informally began in 2017. As of 2018, they have officially launched the label into the public realm, and intend on immediately setting the bar at a righteous height with their ambitious first release, the all:Lo Compilation Vol. 1. Striving to connect hip-hop and bass music with an especially swampy flair, their top priority is injecting Colorado, and the music scene at large, with a refreshing perspective on the common musical tropes and pathways within these respective genres.

Capitalizing on hip-hop’s undeniable influence in broken-beat music, all:Lo Collective focuses on curating and disseminating dusty beats, slapstick rhythms, and juicy sub frequencies. Their first compilation does an excellent job of showcasing just what kind of sound and the quality of production they have in mind, and craftily bridges the gaps between a spate of producers who encompass a wide swath of various genres. Featuring forward-thinking and exploratory musicians such as Nocturnal Status, Dillard, Primate, and of course pheel. and parkbreezy, this collection of soul-drenched tracks creates a deliberately smokey, cumulus texture for the ears. Ranging in tempo, attitude, and aural narrative, this all:Lo compilation displays the due diligence done by it's benefactors, and the result is sheer audible sensuality.

Aphasia opens the compilation with “Orbifrontal Entourage”, a boundless flight through zero gravity. Tasteful blending of monochromatic pads and top-layer percussion drive the composition through the stratosphere, and sampled stabs of stereo synthesis steer the notation and emotional interplay of the track. Sandwiched squarely in the center of this release, parkbreezy and pheel. display the dynamic of their combined brain power with a VIP of “Cluttered Time Machine”. The rhythm rests perfectly in the pocket for the duration of the track, zeroing in on the head-nod attitude that all:Lo endeavors to cultivate. Twists of choice synthesis flicker and dance in between the crunch and punch of kicks and snares laden with supple compression. Of particular note is the hip-hop-fashioned, succulent Primate track, “Relaxtion”. Balancing on a tempo that is a bit sparing within his established discography, Primate brings a jazz-first mentality to the table; deliciously funky basslines respond to the call of slightly detuned rhodes chords that turn over in each phrase, revealing sparse, deliberate notes that resolve every measure.

With all three owner-operators having already spent years as fans and strident members of our amorphous global community, it is endearing and encouraging to know that all:Lo Collective has a genuine mission with genuine passion. With patience, specificity, motivation, and a little bit of elbow grease, all:Lo Collective has made a bullrush out of the gates with all:Lo Compilation Vol. 1. I’d tell you to pay close attention to the future endeavors of this stand-out team, but they are already certain to be invading your ear holes in no time at all.

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