Origin 006 Preview & Playlist

The Rust has the privilege of co-hosting Origin 006 on Friday, November 3rd with the Brooklyn Bass Troupe at Bizarre Bushwick (12 Jefferson St. 11206 Brooklyn).

The ORIGIN series focuses on cutting edge electronic production, primarily in the realms of bass, glitch and psy music. Each one of the artists will be playing a 100% original set. We complete the environment with reinforced sound, installations, vending, live art and space saved especially for flow arts. 

Bringing beautiful ethereal beats to Origin 006 is Amawalk, an NYC-based producer who spun a delightful set at The Rust Music's Kalya Scintilla & Whitebear pre-party on October 14th. Truckin' up 95 from Philadelphia, Shapesift offers emotive ambient sound with thick layers of wet synthesis, while LRKR offers melodic, synth-laden music.

Holding down the heavier end of the spectrum is local producer Wubwitz, and Bagger Vance, a Queens native who'll give drum and bass heads a reason to get reckless.

Then there’s Nieratka, the man behind the Origin series and a true master of the squanch.

Vocal stylings will come from the quick-witted NYC rapper Rasp-5, who will join both Soley and Tygris for a collaborative performance. The trio teamed-up for an early October performance in Queens with Soley offering his extremely tight, soulful beats and Tygris on the cuts. Tying the night together with detailed, filthy sound design, and forming the greater part of The Rust Music’s imprint on Origin 006 will be Philthadelphia pride, Face Plant.

With this diverse roster, Origin 006 offers strains of sound for almost every electronic ear. As each performer presents all original sets, attendees can hear a night’s worth of new music for just $5. So join us for this unique gathering, and turn out early because that fiver becomes a ten-spot once the clock strikes midnight.

We put together a warmup playlist with tunes from a select couple of Friday evenings performers so you can get a little taste of what you're in for.