CharlestheFirst Continues Honing His Sound With Single "Void"

The young Californian bass music producer CharlestheFirst just dropped a new single on Bandcamp today entitled “Void”. Raw and reckless, “Void” somehow strikes a balance between light and heavy, dirty and smooth. Walls of watery bass back erratic combinations of sound design, with no two combos appearing to repeat themselves. 

Charles presents a bit of bravado to with a trappin’ vocal sample, but he has every reason to strut at the moment. Perhaps one of the greatest challenges for a music producer is to distinguish one's music from the rest - to create a distinct imprint, a sound which audiences can pick out of the seemingly endless influx of new music we experience in this day and age. CharlestheFirst has managed to accomplish that at an impressively early stage in his young career. "Void" offers a new look into his signature style and sound design.

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