VALE Singles: Walrus Tales & Anti_Negative & Kliine

Diving into the Mariana Trench of electronic music does not require any certifications, expert training, student loans, or even a manual. What it does require, however, is an appetite voracious enough to track the sheer volume of releases on a daily basis. Enter VALE, an upstart label that specializes in all things dark, doom, and gloom within contemporary bass music. This week they present a triple threat production between Walrus TalesAnti_Negative, and Kliine, and it most certainly slaps.

The track creeps in from the get go with synthesis crawling around the frequency spectrum, and quickly drops into a full crunch of neuro-hop. The percussion is particularly alluring all over the track with an extremely organic timbre, a la good sample choice, as well as crisp compression to bust each tone through the speakers. The track dips in and out of intensity, mulling over gentle piano melodies whilst allowing the darker elements to assemble in the background. Come the last minute of the track the ears are treated to a maelstrom of high velocity cuts and stabs, only for the tune's elements to fall back over itself and end on a righteous key line. 

If what you seek is hi-fi low-end production coupled with a grim attitude, then look no further. VALE has a consistent release cycle to make sure everyone gets their just deserts on time, every time. Keep both ears focused on this small collective of sonic muckrakers, or risk falling behind on the latest in all things cutting-edge and experimental.

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