Lo-Fi Sundays 031 - KiLaMDaPro

Another Sunday, another snooze of the alarm, another high-noon awakening best accompanied by some juicy lo-fi goodness. This week, we’re honing in the spotlight on KiLaMDaPro, a Maryland-based sample collage artist with a highly digestible output of hot beats. While many lo-fi producers tend to find themselves pigeonholed by the genre’s usual trappings, KiLaM manages to find a gentle balance between allowing samples to breathe organically, and finding those precision, two-second cuts that weave an arrangement into a true composition.

His music has an identifiable characteristic of maintaining the same rhythmic focus as much of the r&b and blues music that is sampled in the first place. Of course, the traditional hip-hop underpinnings are often there as well, but it's that last-minute shuffle of the hi-hats coupled with that momentary piano flutter that really tie the knot for this man's productions. Bringing a composition to life requires more than fancy MPC parlor tricks, and KiLaM brings the right musical stylings to the table in order to properly serve a dish at peak temperature.

It is highly encouraged to enjoy KiLaM at one’s leisure, as his discography is quite vast for some two years worth of productions. With what appears to be a quick rate of succession between tracks, keep an eye peeled for frequent releases.

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