Mickman & DeeZ - Invaders [Single]

Mickman and DeeZ each channel their prolific sound engineering ability into "Invaders", an absolute wipeout of a song self-released as the pair prepare to take the United States on their second tour together in as many years. Both producers have outdone themselves here, linking up to push out some of their gnarliest energy and cleanest sound design yet. 

These two go back a bit. In 2013 when they released their first collaboration "Kindred Junket", Andy Widdecomb aka DeeZ was performing under another name and Cameron Ingraham aka Mickman had yet to release his first album Square One. Their second effort came a couple years later as "Schism", an ode to the double-speak of former President Richard Nixon. DeeZ is the most frequent collaborator with Mickman. Well, he's actually the only collaborator with Mickman, at least on a tune that's been made public (besides some cuts by FCW on "Dissolution"). 

The pair appear to be kindred spirits, musically at least. Their styles gel so fluently on this cut. "Invaders" has the Mickman sway, a syncopated groove of hip-hop drums and stinging, interrogatory synthesis that can turn a mind inside out. Except here the synth work leverages DeeZ's sound design, known to be obscene and potentially illegal in Singapore. The mastering, too, was a collaborative effort. 

For an opportunity to hear this live on Funktion One sound, grab tickets to their New York City tour stop presented by The Rust Music with support from Jizzy Fra and Wiseyoungfool. The action gets underway at 9:00pm at Brooklyn Bazaar on Thursday, April 19. If you're too far away or just deadass don't like the smell of New York CIty, they're also up in ChattanoogaBostonPhiladelphia and Maine. The thought of these performances can make one's blood boil. The craftsmanship live and on the record from these two has been grown in bounds since they first hit the road together last year. They're riding the ferocious cutting edge of bass music, and there's no put on - it's all delivery. 

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