Lo-Fi Sundays 023 - Sazetrax

When one refers to the “balance” of good music, it is a commentary on the shared association of tone, level, and presence in a song. Balancing these elements while crafting an engaging musical narrative is the demarcation of a pragmatic musician. This mark could not be more apparent this Sunday. Brooklyn-based producer Sazetrax is a rainy day foray into a vibrant and self-reflective mind state of shuffled beats. His music exudes an attitude of trotting down New York sidewalks when the wind has a frigid pinch and the air stirs with the scents of the urban sprawl.

The Sazetrax catalog includes almost 50 unique tracks and a helping handful of beat tapes sprinkled throughout. The dynamic range of the music hones in on the traditional boom-bap style of lo-fi hip-hop, but decidedly takes a different route than the usual “dusting” of samples. Instead, the fidelity of the chopped bits of melodies and drum lines are intentionally kept full of life and color, but never too much. It's just the right consistency, and the results strike home on the aural sweet tooth. Dive anywhere into the wide collection of tunes available and, on a moment's notice, take a trip down a wormhole of disembodied nostalgia.

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