Lo-Fi Sundays 025 - Wild Mofo

The surface layer of the lo-fi community can deceive casual onlookers into thinking it is a disconnected, fragmented genre of isolated producers. It is upon the second, and sometimes third glance that the associations and relationships of this niche begin to catch the eye. Wild Mofo is the lo-fi project of native Parisian Arnaud Delouette. Delouette not only gives a top-notch representation of battered and weathered beats, he's also a co-founder of the Paris-based label THA ReCoRdZ, a collective of rhythm junkies and low-fidelity devotees. Curating a bevy of content on a weekly basis, Arnaud and his colleagues have been putting their best foot forward to highlight the community that gives them the ground they stand upon, and what better way than to lead by example.

The music of Wild Mofo is a twisted landscape of half-skewed samples and slapstick percussion that seems to always fall gradually into syncopation. Cutting frequencies and bit-crushing elements of a track are barely the first step in crafting this retro-future stylization; lo-fi hip hop is characteristically "lazy" in the rhythm, and Arnaud provides textbook examples of giving songs a true swing in the beat. The tracks in his discography are stuffed full of deranged rhythmic turnarounds and aural artifacts, with a littering of one-off instrument samples and choice vocal cuts from some serious heavyweights in hip hop the world over. If you're in the market for a beat potpourri, look no further: Wild Mofo already has ample experience curating any choice of flavors.

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