Renraku Global Media - RKU-V01

Renraku Global Media (RGM) is known for coupling forward-thinking artists with a platform that is no nonsense and all business. Spearheading a mission to disperse “high-quality content for discerning citizens”, Renraku routinely works with artists from around the world who specialize in some of the most far-out interpretations of electronic music. In keeping with the spirit of innovation and left-field content, the label teamed up with four unnamed producers, who may or may not be some Renraku favorites, to craft a four-track EP with a serious catch: it’s a vinyl-only release presented sans artist or track names.

Kaya Bowman, co-founder of RGM, provided us with a few words about the thought process behind this endeavor:

As a label our philosophy has always been to seek out the most interesting sounds & ideas regardless of how they will be received. Alex, our co-owner had the idea to put out a               record as close to a white label dubplate as we could put out - so why not try our take on what's popping right now? What would a dubplate look like now from a non-dnb label? What would that sound like?

Keeping that goal in mind, each of the artists involved offers a delicious reimagining of the classic four-on-the-floor attitude. Complete with asymmetrical glitches, foreboding sound design, and melodious development, the tracks are primed for both the dance floor and the headspace. The aural landscape of the plate is particularly lo-fi, resurfacing a certain nostalgia for the 90’s warehouse influence on electronic production. Each artist crafted a palate of tones that blend in seamlessly to one another, while simultaneously eschewing the dynamic range that can sometimes become convoluted in the production of modern hi-fi electronic music.

For the affluent collectors, archivers, and audiophiles the world over, this is a must-have release that will come to market in extremely limited numbers. Make sure to grab one of these coveted vinyls before they find a home in someone else’s collection.

If you'd like to get a taste of what the vinyl has to offer, RGM has graciously premiered one track for streaming, and a Noisia Radio rip of a second track, which is included above.

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