Lo-Fi Sundays 016 - Lunchbag

What could be more unassuming than a lunch bag; brown, paper, one size, mom wrote your name on it. But what’s this? Inside is an unexpected cornucopia of flavor, treats of all colors from a fat Italian sandwich and fresh fruits to candies and a bag of your favorite chips. This is the experience of discovering lunchbag, an adept producer based in Stuttgart, Germany. 

There’s a broad range of lo-fi flavors in the producer’s lexicon, from straightforward Wu-Tang head-nod re-fixes, to 1970s jazz cut ups. “2chordhosen”  showcases lunchbag’s ability to tease out a vibe from minimal musical material. It’s built on two simple chords and spiced with some delightful ivory doodling, but still carries a great emotional weight. “c h e s s b o x i n” and “Figaro” among others demonstrate the producer’s fondness for classic American hip-hop, and his ability to remodel it with refreshed essence. “2face” and “column” seem to spin a raw lo-fi jazz thread, a creative counterbalance to the traditional hip-hop tunes. His tracks have been picked up by the Berlin and London-based Complex Channel Records and Estugarda, a hip-hop collective from lunchbag’s hometown of Stuttgart. The latter's ambitious compilation "Lava" also features a lunchbag cut called "Crossing Fingers"

“Apertif” is a recent drop, and one of two lunchbag tapes available on Soundcloud. An aperitif is an alcoholic drink taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite. This tape typifies lunchbag’s laid-back style, and at times highlights the producer's aptitude with a synthesizer, as does an older tune of his called "Burn the Plastic". This tape will certainly whet one's appetite for more of lunchbag's beats. They aren’t exceptionally thick, compressed, or trashy. They’re not overly distorted or dark with that attractive lo-fi loneliness, but they strike the nerves just right. There’s great familiarity with the boom bap, that bedrock tool of the hip-hop trade, and little reluctance to dabble in jazz samples and reap the melodious profit. With this subtle blend of jazz and hip-hop that’s not too hot and not too cold, it’s easy to kick back and relax with lunchbag beats. 

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