Lo-Fi Sundays 015 - Senoy

Senoy stuck out to us while listening to the Homegrown compilation released on Friday by Inner Ocean Records and STZZZY. Based out of Berlin, Germany, he is the curator of a modest catalog that pushes in a range of stylistic directions. A multifaceted producer and composer, he worked closely with the artist Parra for Cuva to craft the album Darwis, a melody-driven collection of instrumental electronica. His first solo album, Shine, was released through Inner Oceans Records in September of 2017, and falls more in line with the lo-fi aural aesthetic.

Shine is a vivacious journey through the various affectionate moods of lo-fi music, dipping its fingers in hip-hop and ambient tones and arrangements. Comprised of a large amount of original instrumentation and a light pinch of synthesis, the album has an ebb and flow that bares the musics' direction with crystal-clear fluidity. 

سغىيْ is a particularly wild track, with a heavy synthesizer presence and many of the staple trappings of more electronic-focused music. Warped and distorted string samples drone from start to finish, occasionally becoming drowned out by the slight wobble of deranged melodies and glitchy brass lines.

K36. F L Y is entirely in line with traditional lo-fi hip-hop music, bringing into the headspace images of pollen falling onto suburban streets in the early spring. The kick is pushed to the center of the mix with strong, hard-lined compression, and fills the low-end of the frequency spectrum with a rhythmic thud. Various key chops are blended effortlessly into re-pitched vocal samples that seem to respond in kind to the piano's siren call.

All of his available music can be found throughout his own soundcloud, and his album is available for purchase through the Inner Ocean Records bandcamp. Throw a few dollars in his direction to support the project, and you'll be instantly satisfied with the fidelity of the results.

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