Tipper - Lattice

Lattice is a style of framework that calls for criss-crossing strips of wood or metal, layering and interlocking different pieces to create a ‘network’ of calculated entanglement. The music of premier sound sculptor Dave Tipper exists in a similar manner, weaving seemingly unconnected sounds and emotion into intricate, multiplicitous organisms that ebb and flow in construction with each subsequent live performance.

Much like his tunes, which incorporate elements of an abundance of musical styles, a dedicated community has begun to form around his music. Fellow artists and fans from across the map intertwine in a latticed network that grows organically as more criss-crossed strips of interest and glorious bewilderment are affixed. What began as a single ‘Tipper & Friends’ event last summer at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park  has blossomed into a series of tight-knit gatherings that excel in bringing together those of us who enjoy the bizarre – with the Sultan of Strange at the proverbial helm. As the community evolves and develops, so does the music.

Tipper’s latest release, aptly dubbed Lattice, is only 4 songs, but it’s jam packed with an intense flavor that lingers on the palate long after the project concludes. There’s no debating that music can take you elsewhere - unfamiliar instruments may evoke visions of far off countries, or a particular tune may make you feel like you’re in a lush forest or jungle. Hell, some compositions may transport you to another planet – but what’s interesting about Tipper’s music is that the ‘locations’ it can bring you to are abstract, uncharted and ostensibly inconceivable.  You know you’ve left, you know you’re not at home… but where you’ve wound up is impossible to comprehend.

Like his previous two releases, “Lattice” contains 3 saucy uptempo brain-bruisers and one delightfully decadent downtempo production – a VIP of “Dreamsters” from Dave’s last full length release, “Forward Escape.” These abnormal sonic amalgams pull the appendages every which way like a medieval quartering, while the encephalon struggles to process – both in the finest way imaginable, of course. It’s clear that Dave Tipper simply isn’t pulling from the same pool… the only explanation is that he’s plucking from a puddle of primordial ooze.

Ultimately, “Lattice” is a beacon of hope; a lighthouse in an endless abyss of monotony, and a sine qua non in any experimental music collection. 

Pick up your copy HERE through the homies at Addictech.com

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