Lo-Fi Sundays 001 - saiko

The Rust Music was envisioned to spread awareness of the eclectic, off-kilter sound that thrives in the minds of the world’s many brilliant musicians and composers. To further that goal, we present the first of many Lo-Fi Sundays - a weekly column created to highlight the finest bit-crushed producers currently on our radar.

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, our first featured beatsmith Saiko delivers on both the sculpting of the lo-fi soundscape, and the richness of note choice. Always at a steady head-nod pace, the music speaks as if it is coming out of a rusted wind-up toy, with the ebb and flow of each beat rising and falling like the mechanical failures of gears and speaker boxes gone awry. Sit back tonight and pop on Saiko through whatever audio medium you see fit, and feel the comedown of the week slide right off your shoulders like sea water on seal skin.

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