The Rust Music - Oxidized Vol. 1 [VA]

Oxidized 1.jpg

In late 2015 I started building weekly playlists as a platform for me to share some of my favorite tunes that I found rummaging through SoundCloud. I enjoyed writing about tracks as I listened to them, and I realized that there's just such an incredible breadth of music being released every single day. Why not combine the two? It's overwhelming, and the sad truth is that much of it might not ever get the admiration it deserves. 

This is why I created The Rust - I wanted to spread the music to the masses, and share the music that inspires me with people who would appreciate and vibe with it. That's what I've finally gotten the chance to do with Oxidized - Volume One. 

This compilation is a collection of 10 tracks from 11 astonishingly talented musicians, all of which I'm happy to call friends. This project has been in the works for a long time, and I'm elated to finally share each of these spectacular works of art with you. 

Normally when I post things on The Rust, I give a lengthy description and my detailed opinions on the piece. However, this time i'm sharing music with you, not words - I think I'll let it speak for itself. 

Thanks for staying chooned. It's because of all of you that I do this... 
All proceeds of the compilation will be donated to ACLU Worldwide